After losing a loved one…

Sometimes after losing a loved one, you’re fed all kinds of foods and desserts. Me, I could hardly eat, my husband had to remind me to eat sometimes. Once all was accomplished out of state to celebrate the life of my dad, I have immersed myself in cooking and my classes again. I also decided to join the DOOR DASH group who delivers food from restaurants to homes. It’s only been about a few days and I have enjoyed it and made a little holiday money so far. I work my own schedule and if I’m busy with schoolwork or family time, I just start “dashing” when I’m available. I thought it was cute with the holidays approaching that I’m a “Dasher” is what they call their employees. One day I’m going to show up at the restaurants with my Chef Coat and hat and Door Dash insulated bag and one day I will be noticed that I’m in culinary school (it’s on my jacket) and maybe get an offer after graduation. Lately I’ve just thrown on some jeans, shirt and ball cap and comfortable shoes and hit the road. 

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